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Paperclip Chain Necklace / Sterling Silver

$68.00 - $108.00

Please read the full description below before ordering. Thank you!

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Paper clip [noun]
:: a length of wire (in this case sterling silver) bent into flat loops that is used to hold papers together (or make an adorable necklace!)

Forget the staples and brads, let's honor the best little paper fastener out there! Three approximately 1" long sterling silver, hand made paper clips hang in a little chain just like the ones you make at your desk (I'm right, aren't I?) from a 2.4mm sterling silver cable chain.

When you select your chain length, remember that it will be the overall length of your necklace, including the trio of paper clips. Please note this design wears best with a bit of tension on it so the clips hang properly.


Your handcrafted piece arrives in a sweet purple gift box.


Questions? Check out our Planning Tools Section and FAQs. A lot of questions can be answered there. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

PLEASE NOTE: Each paper clip is shaped by hand. No two will ever be the same, but your three will be very close.