Jewelry Care: Tune-up Services from Punky Jane Jewelry

Jewelry Care: Tune-up Services from Punky Jane Jewelry

While it's normal for sterling silver jewelry to show gentle wear and oxidize over time, if your Punky Jane piece is dirty and heavily tarnished, we are more than happy to tune-up your piece.

Jewelry tune-up includes:
- Cleaning and removal of tarnish on all sterling silver components [stamped pieces, jump rings, chains]
- Polishing and refinishing
- Re-oxidizing/blackening stamped characters

To show what a tune-up can do for your Punky Jane piece, we found a couple of sample pieces that had just been sitting out in the open in the studio, and unworn, for quite some time. They were heavily tarnished and didn't look very nice, but most pieces won't be this severe (unless you have an allergy). After they went through the tune-up process they were bright, shiny, and ready to wear again!

Before and After a Punky Jane Jewelry Tune-up

After your clean and shiny piece is returned, we recommend following our sterling silver jewelry care tips in our FAQ section.

In most cases, the only cost will be $6 in shipping, which covers USPS First Class shipping and handling of your piece both ways within the United States. After purchase, we will send a pre-paid and addressed return label to you via email for you to send your piece back.

Also, just because your piece isn't as shiny as the day you got it, doesn't mean it needs a tune-up. Pieces with fingerprints and light smudges can easily be cleaned using a Sunshine Polishing Cloth. For lightly tarnished pieces, we recommend starting with our white Polishing Pads and following with a Sunshine Polishing Cloth, both available here.

PLEASE NOTE...we can only tune up and repair Punky Jane Jewelry pieces.

Ready for a tune up? Before ordering, contact us and let us know your name or order number so we can retrieve your original order information. Describe what you think needs to be done. We may ask that you send a picture. This will help us be sure we have all the information we need before your tune-up.