Studio Notes {Blog}

Mar 14th 2016

The Punky Jane Jewelry Song

Having fun looking back a few years when my then 4-year-old daughter grabbed some bongo drums and created The Punky Jane Jewelry Song.And now a word from our sponsor...…

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Mar 7th 2016

Living the Beach Life – New Simply Charming Bangle

Life is better at the beach, right? There's nothing like the sounds of the waves and the smell of the salt air to bring a calm to you like nothing else.This is one of my favorite quotes about the sea by e. e. Cummings:"For whatever we lose (like a yo…

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Feb 23rd 2016

Pi Day 2016 – 3.14.16

While it's not as exciting as 2015 (which was numerically epic!) I will still enjoy celebrating Pi Day.Last year was extra special because March 14, 2015 at exactly 9:26:53 was 3.141592653! Cool, right?I even attempted a Berry Pi Pie! At least is tas…

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Feb 3rd 2016

Look What Punky Found :: Letterpress with a Geeky Touch!

Have you ever started searching for something and ended up finding something totally different? Of course you have!Whether it's Pinterest, Google, or Etsy, it's easy to end up somewhere slightly (or completely!) off the track where you started.This m…

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Jan 26th 2016

10 New Designs Stamps Now Available!

We're always excited when we add new stamps to our collection. Check out the 10 news designs we now have available.Here are the new additions:a smiley facea hummingbirda leafa leafy brancha 4-leaf clovera starfishan adorable tutua spirala cameraBuddh…

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Jan 15th 2016

She Believed She Could So She Did

Let's take a look at the origin of another one of the quotes we use on our Simple Sayings."She Believed She Could So She Did"I have to be honest. When I first heard this quote, I thought it was by C.S. Lewis. Now I'm not so sure. I can't find de…

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Jan 11th 2016

"You are braver than you believe..."

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the origins of the quotes we use for our Simple Sayings. Let's start with one of my favorites! “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."This sweet sentiment…

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Aug 19th 2015

Look What Punky Found :: Pyrex Tea Towels!

You may or may not know that I have a bit of a Pyrex addiction.You also may or may not know that a rather large section of my office bookcase is filled with Pyrex instead of books.Imagine my excitement when I came across this wonderful Etsy shop! Dev…

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Apr 7th 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Mother's Day is May 10th)

Mother's Day is a little over a month away. Punky Jane offers hand stamped personalized jewelry for every style of mom.While we've put together a section of Mother's Day Gift Ideas according to style, here are a few of our most popular designs..…

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Mar 2nd 2015

Pi Day...The perfect geeky holiday!

The geek in me is more excited than I probably should be about Pi Day this year. Have you heard? Because it's 2015, we get to celebrate even more digits!March 14, 2015 at exactly 9:26:53 will be 3.141592653!March 14th is already pretty darn cool. Not…

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