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Survivor | Awareness Ribbon Bangle Bracelet


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The symbolism of this little loop of ribbon is powerful. And with this design, you can let people know, or simply remind yourself that you are a survivor!

Inspired by my love of vintage wax seals, I've created this awareness ribbon seal from fine silver precious metal clay. This approximately 3/4" diameter, fine silver [.999] necklace features our design on an organically shaped round, much like the melted wax spreads out beneath the pressure of the stamp.

Each charm is hand made using a stamp we designed with the ribbon and the word SURVIVOR, then kiln fired, tumbled for strength, and polished. Because each charm is hand made one at a time, each one will have its own character.

The adjustable bangle is made from 14 gauge sterling silver. The inner diameter range is 2.5" to 3" and so it will fit most. We've found that by hanging the charms in the section of overlap, they are held in place on the top or bottom of your wrist...whichever you prefer. And the oval shape of the bangle keeps it from spinning on your wrist.

Your crystal color can symbolize the cause you'd like to bring awareness to, a birthstone, or simply your favorite color.

This is a great bracelet to add charms to! Check out our a la carte section and add another crystal or charm.