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Dandelion Wax Seal Inspired Ring


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Dandelions, part of the Taraxacum genus, are magical! I think we’ve all found one, picked it and made a wish while our gentle puff scatters the tiny flowers, off to make more dandelions. Some consider them a nuisance, but I’m all for believing in them as a symbol of healing, love, and most of all, wishes.

Inspired by my love of vintage wax seals, I've created this unique dandelion design from fine silver precious metal clay. This approximately 3/4" diameter, fine silver [.999] seal features my exclusive design on an organically shaped round, much like the melted wax spreads out beneath the pressure of the stamp. Each seal is hand made using a stamp from my illustration, then kiln fired, tumbled for strength, and polished. Because each charm is hand made to order, each one will have its own character.

The band is made from low dome sterling silver wire [.925] and measures 4.32mm wide by 1.02mm thick.

Your handcrafted piece arrives in a sweet purple gift box.


PLEASE NOTE: While I do lightly blacken these designs, the blackening may be affected if you wear your ring during hand washing, etc. 


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