Dandelion Token Charm Earrings

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Dandelions, part of the Taraxacum genus, are magical! I think we've all found one, picked it and made a wish while our gentle puff scatters the tiny flowers, off to make more dandelions. Some consider them a nuisance, but I'm all for believing in them as a symbol of healing, love, and most of all, wishes.

Each organically shaped dandelion charm measures approximately 1/2" diameter and is crafted in fine silver [.999] precious metal clay. These are hand made to order using a stamp designed we designed, then kiln fired, tumbled for strength, and polished. While we strive to make two identical charms for our earrings, there may be subtle variations between the two. The charms hang from sterling silver lever back ear wires.

Your handcrafted earrings arrives in a sweet purple recycled gift box.

We also offer our dandelion as a wax seal inspired design. Check out that and all of our Wax Seal Inspired Designs.


Did you know that PMC [precious metal clay] is a recycled eco-friendly product? During photo processing, silver is recovered. That silver is mixed in with a binder making a clay-like material that can be worked, rolled, shaped/formed, stamped, etc. It's then fired, during which the binder burns off, leaving fine silver [99.9% pure]. 

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Dandelion Token Charm Earrings laying on a purple geode slice

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