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The Origin of our Gratitude Symbol Jewelry Collection

The Origin of our Gratitude Symbol Jewelry Collection

Posted by Sandy on Apr 3rd 2024

In late 2009, about a year after I launched Punky Jane Jewelry, a friend asked if I could create a custom piece for her. She sent me this graphic from the Go Gratitude Experiment: a green lowercase ‘g’ inside a circle created from one continuous stroke:

I thought it looked like a mix of a spiral and an @ sign. She was taking part in the Experiment and was excited to wear the symbol as a reminder of her journey.

A Little History of the Go Gratitude Experiment

While their website is no longer active, I was able to go back via the Wayback Machine Internet Archive and remind myself of the details.

In short, the Go Gratitude Experiment believed that “Gratitude is the Master Key that opens all doors of possibility.” The project would help people embark on a free 42-day Gratitude journey where “you’ll learn the simple, yet powerful, science and art of using the Master Key of Gratitude” to:

  • feel better instantly
  • enjoy supportive, synergistic, exciting relationships
  • increase your prosperity and abundance
  • experience vibrant health
  • know peace of mind
  • supercharge your creative juices
  • magnetize the realization of your dreams and goals
  • make a profound difference in the lives of many people
  • They said, “chances are you’ll begin noticing the Gratitude symbol everywhere. When you do, it’s a sign that you are on the right track and a signal to tap into Gratitude” and shared pictures of several spirals, manmade and from nature, with the gratitude symbol overlayed.

    The Go Gratitude Experiment launched in November 2005 and ended 13 years later. In the final website post, the Go Gratitude founders thanked everyone involved for creating a "worldwide wave of Gratitude” with over 400,000 people taking part.

    Designing the Symbol

    our original gratitude symbol necklaceI was intrigued by the request and got to work. Since the symbol was made from one continuous stroke, I thought I’d be able to create one in silver. I played around a bit and got it…a strip of fine silver shaped and then fused to close the loop. I gave it a hammered finish and hung it from a cable chain.

    My friend was thrilled. It was a go. I made one for her and then decided I'd like to also have the design available in my shop.

    I wanted to get permission from the folks at the Go Gratitude Experiment before selling them. They, of course, being most gracious, said it was okay.

    Punky Jane now offers several gratitude designs, all based on the original gratitude symbol logo the Experiment used.

    Focus on Gratitude

    While you can no longer take part in the Go Gratitude Experiment, there are many, many ways to wire your brain for gratitude. Whether it’s writing in a gratitude journal, practicing mindfulness, or simply taking the time to notice the little things and living in the moment, I hope you find a way to focus on gratitude and share that vibe with others…it’s contagious and it’s good for you!


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