Please be aware of fraudulent sites claiming to sell Punky Jane.

It's come to our attention that there are several sites out there claiming to sell Punky Jane Jewelry. Many offer items from our Mark Your Calendar® Collection at very low prices.

Please know that true Punky Jane Jewelry is ONLY sold through, Amazon, and Etsy. Our shops on Amazon and Etsy are clearly branded as Punky Jane. You can see a 'shop' on facebook, but the checkout process takes you to

Please don't be fooled by these fraudsters. They are copying photos and product details from legitimate sellers on Etsy and Amazon, starting their own sites, and committing credit card fraud. 


any of the sites end in .top, but we also found a seller on Amazon using our exact copy to sell their own knock-offs.

We spend time each day filing complaints about these sites, and they are often quickly removed, but more pop up every day. It's pretty discouraging actually. We'd much rather be making jewelry!

At right is a screen grab of one of the sites. Two dozen sites looked just like this with a different name!

Please be careful, not only when shopping for Punky Jane, but any time your shopping online, especially for hand made items.