It's National Handwriting Day! (January 23rd)

It's National Handwriting Day! (January 23rd)

Let's celebrate what may soon become a lost art.

I admit that I'm not a very diligent letter or thank you note writer, but I do still enjoy writing out certain things. As an office supply junkie, I can't imagine not having oodles of pens, paper, and Post-its to use for lists and notes, and I haven't embraced writing with a stylus on any of my devices.

I grew up with a Grandma who not only had the most beautiful handwriting, but also was the gold standard for letters and thank you notes. I often tried to copy her handwriting style, but never had the patience to master it. I tend to write so quickly that elegant style just isn't top of mind.

My mom has perfect could use her script on those banners hung in the classroom to show how to form the letters. You know the ones. Both of her parents were school teachers, so I guess her expertise makes sense.

My dad's handwriting was illegible. We often joked he should have been a doctor. That joke isn't even funny anymore since the days of a handwritten prescription are long gone.

My writing falls somewhere in between. Depending on my mood, my handwriting can look like it belongs to different people, while my short little t's and r's that often look like v's drive my mom crazy. 

Jump to today, and my own kids aren't learning cursive like I did. I have mixed feelings about that. I think I'm most concerned that they may not be able to read cursive and all it's unique, personal variations. Or maybe I'm concerned they won't be able to read mine? Hmmm.

I also wonder if my kids will have the same happy feeling I have when I read a handwritten card or note from someone I love. I have boxes of letters, cards and notes I've received over my lifetime, and they've become even more important as time passes.

Why not grab a pen and write a note or letter to someone special? It might just become a treasure, or at least lift someone's spirits. We could all use that, right?

Here's my note to you...

[Tomorrow is Compliment Day so I've started early.]