Happy Respect Your Cat Day! [March 28th]

Happy Respect Your Cat Day! [March 28th]

Let's be real...if you own a cat, this is every. single. day. Our furry feline friends demand it!

Humans have long revered cats. In Ancient Egypt, cats were not only honored, but some were actually considered goddesses. (I think that's gone to their heads a little.)

While cats are generally pretty low maintenance, Americans spend an average of about $1000 per year on their cats. 

Some benefits of having a cat:

  • They are relatively independant
  • They help us cope with anxiety and stress
  • They have a smaller carbon footprint than a dog (this made me laugh)
  • They make excellent companions 

While they have a reputation for being aloof and not caring about what their humans are doing, they are actually paying attention and love you more than they might show.

What's the best way to pet your cat and show that respect? Most cats prefer scritches along their back, under their chins, and around their ears.

Remember to always respect your cat as a living creature...they are not toys. They will return the favor.

So how to celebrate? That's easy! Sing this song to your cat(s) like you're Aretha Franklin...they might just sing back!


That is what you get from me


I love you my sweet kitty!