​Happy National Scarf Day! [September 27]

​Happy National Scarf Day! [September 27]

I love a good scarf. I think they are a great way to jazz up a casual, everyday outfit, or keep you warm in the throes of a big winter storm. Both functional and fashionable! 

I wanted to share a scarf I’m currently making. Full confession…this started as a flower coaster. Yes, a coaster. I tend to crochet without checking my scale…more of a “let’s just see what happens here” mindset. I crochet more to keep my hands busy when I’m not making jewelry than to actually accomplish something. It’s pretty cool, because then when I DO accomplish something, it’s a wonderful surprise! Yay! 

Okay, back to my coaster scarf. I found this pattern and had some extra cotton yarn from working on amigurumi. Maybe I’ll share some of those another time. I grabbed purple (shocker, it’s my favorite color) and got to work. I finished it and it was about 50% bigger than it should be. I had enjoyed making it and had learned something new, so I started another in red, followed by orange, yellow, green, and blue. You see where I’m going with this. 

“I’m going to sew them together and make a scarf!” I proclaimed! As a bonus, when I wear it I'll always have a place to set my drink. 

Six flowers wouldn't make a long enough scarf, so I started a second coaster in each color. I’m waiting for some yarn to be back in stock so I can make one more yellow one, and then I’ll figure out how to assemble it. 

What do you think? My kids say it would be a great table runner if my scarf plans don’t work out. I'm all for keeping my options open. 

How will you celebrate National Scarf Day?