Happy Jewel Day! (March 13th)

Happy Jewel Day! (March 13th)

Wait...Jewel Day? I have no idea where (or why) this started, but I’m in!

Things are really heavy in the world and I needed a little light-hearted silliness. Today, that meant looking for strange unofficial holidays. I usually put my focus on 3.14 (Pi Day) because, well, I’m a little big nerd. 

According to timeanddate.com, these are a few ways to celebrate:

  • Buy yourself that piece of jewelry that you have been eyeing forever.
  • Exchange handmade jewelry with your friends.
  • Use this day to take care of your jewels.
  • Learn more about jewels from different cultures and historical time periods.
  • Listen to the music of Jewel, the American singer-songwriter.
  • However you choose to celebrate (or completely ignore) this “holiday,” I hope you smile.

    PS...Happy Pi Day Eve!!

    #HappyJewelDay #CelebrateEveryDay