Gratitude Symbol Wax Seal Inspired Necklace

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Inspired by my love of vintage wax seals, I've created this gratitude symbol from fine silver precious metal clay. This approximately 1" diameter, fine silver [.999] necklace features a raised gratitude symbol on an organically shaped round, much like the melted wax spreads out beneath the pressure of the stamp.

Each pendant is hand made using our stamp, kiln fired, tumbled for strength, and polished. Because each charm is hand made to order, each one will have its own character.

Your handcrafted piece arrives in a sweet purple recycled gift box.

This is a great pendant to add charms to! Check out our a la carte section and add a crystal or charm. 


Did you know that PMC [precious metal clay] is a recycled eco-friendly product? During photo processing, silver is recovered. That silver is mixed in with a binder making a clay-like material that can be worked, rolled, shaped/formed, stamped, etc. It's then fired, during which the binder burns off, leaving fine silver [99.9% pure]. 

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A 1" silver Gratitude Symbol Wax Seal Inspired Necklace on a sterling bead chain laying on a plain white background

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