PJ Rewards allows you to earn points to use towards purchases at Punky Jane.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you'll see a purple "PJ*Rewards" button on the left. Click and fill out the details to create a store account. Voila! 200 points for you!

Here are some other ways to earn (you'll see them once you've registered and are logged into the program):
  • Place an order = 1 point for every $1 spent.
  • Refer a friend = 500 points for you and your friend gets a 10% off code (awarded after their first purchase)
  • It's your Birthday! Get 200 points. Not better than cake, but still pretty cool.
  • Share Punky Jane on Facebook = 50 points
  • Like us on Facebook = 50 points 
  • Follow us on Instagram = 50 points

Okay, now you're asking, "How do I spend my points?"
Easy! We've got different rewards for different point totals. You can spend them quickly, or save them up for an even bigger reward. Simply redeem your points and you'll receive a unique code for your discount.

For example, with 500 points, you'll receive $5 off. At 2500 points, you'll get a $25 discount. At 4000 points, you'll score a cool $50 off!

And it's easy to check in any time and see how many points you've earned. Just log back in to your account for an update. We'll also send you emails when you earn points.

Questions? Contact us at Rewards@PunkyJane.com