You don't have to be a GEEK to celebrate Pi Day...

You don't have to be a GEEK to celebrate Pi Day...

It might be pretty obvious that the Punky Jane crew has a geeky side. We admit to getting pretty excited about things like Pi Day, which is celebrated every year on March 14, or 3.14.

While no year will be as numerically epic as 2015's Pi Day (3.14.15), we will still get a little giddy around here this year.

Not only is it Pi Day, but it's the birthday of Albert Einstein and Billy Crystal. You can read all about Pi Day and get some inspiration for different kinds of Pie to serve at your own Pi Day Party.

To help celebrate, we're having a sale on our entire Geekery Collection! Whether it's our popular Pi Cuff Bracelet or one of our fun Write On Wipe Off designs, you'll be able to celebrate in true geeky style.

Use the code 'PiDay2017' (no quotes) to save 20% on your order of anything in our Geekery Collection now until March 14, 2017.

Check out one million digits of Pi. Here are 750 to get you started:


Even if you don't consider yourself a geek, feel free to have a slice of Pi Pie!